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Are stress tests enough to soothe investors?

5 / 11 / 2014

The recent Bank of England’s (BoE) stress tests and financial stability report aimed to diagnose the strength or otherwise of the UK’s foremost financial institutions. Darragh Connell outlines the methods behind the tests and advises a cautionary approach to overly enthusiastic analysis of the results.


Forex Manipulation

5 / 9 / 2014

Learn from Lloyd Maynard about how the banks manipulated the Forex markets.


Spot the Difference: Identifying Misconduct in the FCA Rules

3 / 9 / 2014

Breach of statutory duty: the boundaries of the claims for breach of the duties contained in the Handbook which regulates financial services are becoming clearer. Click here to access Chris Edwards’ slides on the topic.


Is time up for bringing swap mis-selling claims?

2 / 3 / 2014

Philip Currie reviews the principles for calculating the limitation period for some of the causes of action which commonly arise in claims for financial mis-selling and sets out some steps which can be taken to defeat limitation defences.

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