Dispute resolution

The Forum team works across the arena of construction dispute resolution: adjudication, arbitration, litigation and mediation. From settling disputes before the parties become entrenched, through to trials and enforcing judgments. The aim: to provide a resolution focused service to overcome the multitude of hurdles presented by complex construction disputes.

Adjudication: Forum’s construction law team understands the unique commercial advantages and pressures that fast-paced adjudication presents. The team is available round the clock to assist through all stages of the adjudication process, from rapid assimilation of evidence, to tactical advice and effective presentation to the adjudicator.

Arbitration and litigation: If arbitration or litigation cannot be avoided then Forum’s construction lawyers will provide a bespoke service, whatever the level of resource your business has available to it. Whether your existing legal team requires fresh strategic input or you need a fully dedicated team to run your dispute, our barristers will formulate an outcome based litigation strategy for resolving your dispute and execute that strategy efficiently and effectively. From dealing with straightforward disputes over payments to complex engineering projects, we have it covered.

Our Construction experts
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