About Us

Instructing Forum

Here you will find some useful information about what to expect when instructing the barristers at Forum Chambers. 

If you have any queries about working with us, please contact our Senior Clerk, Conor Fagan.

Our Services and Expertise

The services our barristers can provide include:

  • Oral advocacy, whether in court proceedings, mediation or arbitration
  • Legal advice on issues arising under English law (or the law of other jurisdictions in which members are qualified)
  • Drafting pleadings, submissions and applications for court and arbitral proceedings

The expertise of each of our barristers and the services that they can offer are set out on their individual profile pages.

Requests for Quotations

Solicitors or other practising lawyers and Licensed Access clients (whether they hold a licence issued by the Bar Standards Board or are a member of a professional body which has been recognised by the Bar Standards Board) looking to obtain a quotation for instructing one of our barristers should contact Conor Fagan on clerks@forumchambers.com or 020 3735 8070.

Members of the public who wish to instruct one of our Public Access qualified barristers should complete our Public Access Enquiry Form. Any queries about our Public Access services should be directed to Conor Fagan on clerks@forumchambers.com or 020 3735 8070.


We adopt a transparent and commercial approach to fees. Our clerks would be happy to discuss the the most suitable pricing models for your case.

Our most commonly used pricing models are hourly rates and fixed fees.For trials, our most commonly used pricing models are brief fees (which may be staged depending on the size of the trial) together with daily refreshers for the duration of the trial.

The most appropriate pricing model will vary depending on factors such as the type of case, the nature of the work required, the amount of work required, and the urgency of the work. 


When you instruct one of our barristers, we will aim to agree a timescale for the provision of their legal services. 

Factors which might influence the timescales of the services offered by our barristers include their availability and the availability of the client and relevant third parties, the complexity of the case and the amount of work required, the availability of additional information or documents required, the approach taken by the other side, court waiting times, and any interventions by third parties. 

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