At Forum we understand the importance of property law for individuals and businesses and have a wealth of experience in providing accurate, timely and commercially orientated legal advice.

For an individual, property law deals with what for many will be the single largest transaction of their lives, the mortgage, as well as other complex areas such as landlord and tenant, easements and restrictive covenants. Our members are able to advise individuals on all aspects of land law and are able to draw on in-depth knowledge from other areas such as banking and professional negligence law to provide the most up-to-date and insightful advice. We are also able to provide advice and representation on short notice in respect of urgent matters such as injunctions and possession orders.

As a small, relatively newly established business ourselves, we at Forum have a keen understanding of commercial property issues. Our members are frequently ask to advise on a range of property disputes for businesses, including forfeiture and relief from forfeiture proceedings and contested renewal applications under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954.

Notable Forum cases in this area include:

  • Advising on easement issues arising from the development of a commercial marina
  • Acting in a claim concerning a purported easement which included the successful resistance of an application for an interim injunction.
  • Advising tenants on the merits of their landlord’s grounds for resisting the grant of a new 1954 Act commercial lease
Our Property Litigation experts
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